A list of my favorite free software - all high quality stuff, often better than the commercial alternatives. The only paid software I use these days is my DAW - Reason 8 from propellerheads.se - for making music, recording and more. The free alternatives are simply not there yet. But other than that - I only use free software.

I recently dedicated my work computer to Ubuntu Studio. I have tried getting into Linux before, but hated it - installation of applications always turned into command line nightmares. A lot has happened since then. These days Linux outperforms Windows by far IMO and is my favorite OS - I still have windows 7 for gaming and music making - but for work I prefer Ubunto Studio version of Linux. Make a bootable USB for installation, and never look back..

Graphics, drawing, photoediting, 3D etc.
Inkscape - vector graphics (svg), awesome bitmaptracing, layers, grids and more - better than Illustrator IMO.
Gimp - raster with minimal vector support, filters, layers, GIF animations - better than Photoshop IMO.
Blender - The Swiss Knife of animation, moviemaking, 3D drawing and more. Bit hard for beginners, but once you have invested the time aquainting yourself, it's a fantastic piece of software.

Scribus - free DTP software, very good even if working with fonts can be a bit of a hassle, but once u figure out how, its smooth sailing.

Libre office - Yay! Goodbye MS office.

Mapmaking and GIS
Qgis - Free GIS Software, make your own professional maps. Bit hard to get into, but well worth the effort.
Mapbox Studio - Easy to use, make your own background maps for use in Qgis or other GIS app.

Xmind - Mindmapping (not truely free, but there is enough functionality in free version)
letsencrypt - FREE SSL certificates .. I love this

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